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Community Built Education. 

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        When I was in school, the best discussions hardly ever happened in class. Under the stars we philosophized about the universe and the meaning of eternity to the human experience. In weekend-long Lord of the Rings marathons we talked about America as a new country that we can still yet impact. In the dark of the night we sketched crazy dreams that in the light of morning became company prototypes. 


         Education can be so much more than the syllabus, if we build a world where playful education can thrive. 

         But we increasingly only build for the most quantifiable parts of education, and sell access at ever steeper prices. This creates a world where students define their worth based on grades. It is a world where brilliant minds are stuck in finance and banking because of school debt. A world with hundreds of lost Einsteins because their curiosity was snuffed out with standardized tests. 

        People are worth so much more than their test grades, and in a world that faces climate change and increased inequality, we need people that can think outside of Scantron bubbles.


         Education can be integrated into our lives constantly, radically accessible in price, and tailored to each person. It can be playful and joyful and magical. It can provide you the skills to get your first job, the tools to question the world of today, and a community to build a better world tomorrow. 

         The Emergent University's goal is to provide the infrastructure and vision for community built education. Welcome to the adventure!

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