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Create a project of lasting value to you, your community, and the world. 

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Classmates to Colleagues

After you have taken several classes, you will have classmates with whom you will want to become lifelong colleagues and friends. It is recommended that you keep physical and digital copies of their information. These people are your university. 

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Advisor Contract

A small number of your colleagues will also become your advisors when you feel ready to undertake a thesis. 

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How to Scope Your Thesis

Advice on how to scope your thesis to create a lasting project with relevance to your career, your community, and the world. 

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Feedback Form

A form to help your advisors give you effective feedback throughout the thesis process. 

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Understanding Feedback

Advice on how to give and receive feedback. 

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After you finish your thesis, the last step is to give a final presentation to your advisors, colleagues, families, and friends. These people are the university you have built and in turn delivered value to through your work. 

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