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The Emergent University Cathedral

emergent university building.png
emergent university buildingpurple.png
emergent university building rainbow.png

You found a secret page! This is the history of the Emergent Cathedral. I wanted a symbol of education and learning. Even though the Emergent University is a digital space, I wanted this symbol make people feel like they're entering a physical space. 

A cathedral of learning seemed right. 

I also wanted this cathedral to say something about the university in its design. Unlike normal universities where the departments and courses are ordained from above, at Emergent University students get to build their own curriculum. I wanted to infuse this idea into the cathedral by showing it being built by each person, envisioned anew with each generation. Truthfully, I am also still learning graphic design, and still find it hard to make anything outside of a simple box. But that's how we improve. You try, it kind of sucks, and you try again. 

As participants of the university, you get to see how the Cathedral changes, as my own skills improve, and hopefully over time as you, the participant, reimagine the Cathedral in your own way. 

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